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Inspiring School Furniture 2020

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Macarons Colour School Classroom Setting  

Most kids in pre-school loves colourful and bright environment, through a kid’s first glimpse experience the joyful atmosphere and feeling of embracement are highly influenced by the pre-school furniture. Hence SIF Furniture has made macaroons colour available in school furniture such as study table, study chair, storage cabinet, toy trolley, book trolley and kids stools.

Color is one of the mood stimulation, light and bright colours like red, yellow and green are creativity and spirit inspiring. Macaron-like pastel colours brings tranquillity and calmness for pre-school kids to adapt quickly in new environment and get along with new friends.

Safety & Hygiene Featured

There are a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the classroom furniture. It is essential to keep classroom tables and chairs easy to clean. Food and drinks might be spilled from table to chair and eventually on the floor, not to mention to have urine and poops usually happened in pre-school classroom.

Peace of Mind Design

Apart from the hygienic concerns, safety remains another important focus as kids furniture is designed with soft rounded corners. Kid’s chairs can be moulded-manufactured which the entire chair comes in one piece. It will be as safety as durable.

Our classroom table and chair are manufactured from high quality material and sturdy construct in order to engage pre-school kids in fun activities and withstand everyday usage. SIF study furniture comes in variation of colours, sizes and designs. Our study table and study chair complete in standard sizes to suit pre-school toddlers and accommodate children of all ages