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Get Different Design Idea for 2021

  • Our “Bossku”, purchasing or procurement manager are always preparing for the future budget and planning
    office furniture ahead, so we thought now would be a great time to look at modern office furniture design
    ideas for 2021.
  • As daily, office productivity and comfort are at the top of the list of design considerations since modern
    office furniture embraces the best of economic, affordability, and functionality.
  • But today’s office is slightly different because the whole world affected by Coronavirus “ Covid-19”. From there,
    we learn how to gets into well work from the house environment. Be challenging to gets long hours in the house
    without a proper office chair or office furniture.

Nowadays, people are more concerned about angle differences for their office layout.

Furniture Sustainability

• Furnishings and fabrics bring beauty and functionality to the office in the coming year with even more design choices.

Office  Furniture Layouts

• Layouts that accommodate distancing and allow workers who work different days to share
workstations and common areas safely.

Office Partition

• Privacy pods/ workstation cubicles will continue to grow in open office setups. To avoid spreading of  Covid-19.

Office Cleanability

• Modern designs that incorporate organization so cleaning and sanitizing is a breeze. So they will look for more glass panels, acrylic panels, PU leather and etc for the office workstation. So office furniture is not damaged by consistent sanitization.

Office Plants

• Incorporating plants for health and well being. Everything from succulent walls to half wall planters to personal plants as desk dividers.

• Re-charge areas.

• Beautiful lounge areas to allow for mental recharging and downtime that facilitates

Office Separation

• Glass panels, fabric panels, or acrylic panels promote privacy, proper office noise levels, and safety. Some can even be multipurpose like organizational barriers or whiteboards.


• For example, high/medium back chair arrangements, allow for excellent communication and comfortable while maintaining office flow.