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  • Display Case Notice Board

    • Aluminium window display case with acrylic hinged door
    • Easily update information
    • Key-Lock provided to secure information
    • Can be positioned with door opening on the left, right or bottom side
  • Display Partition Panel

    • Fixed height and display angles
    • No assembly equipment required
    • Panels are epoxy finished for durability
    • Optional Spotlights sold separately
  • Economy Display Panel

    • Excellent color presentation
    • Displaying high resolution of the screen
    • Free of hot spot by treating the surface with new techniques
    • Free of curling as it is made of new fabric material with new manufacturing techniques
    • Advanced tubular motor driving devices features smooth and silent operation
    • Black border to gain best video images
    • Elegant metal housing design ensure distinctive quality
    • Screens size limit control switch to meet your requirement
    • Inclusive of manual and wireless remote control
  • Lambo Panels

    Portable and foldable panels can be used as a presentation board or wall partition.
    Save up your space when not in use as it is foldable neatly for compact storage

    • Handlebars to ease mobility while folded
    • Variety of velvet color choices
    • Upholstered both sides
    • Pin and Velcro Compatible
    • Stand frame colour: Dark Grey
  • Mobile Display Panel

    • Lockable nylon castors for easy mobility and stability
    • Lock multiple panels together
    • Panels are epoxy finished for durability
  • Mobile Panels

    • Full steel frame with perforated bottom panel
    • Use multiple panels together to create a group display
    • Lockable castors for mobility and stability
    • Stand frame colour: Dark Grey

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