Conference / Visitor Chair

950mm(h) x 510mm(w) x 490mm(d)

  1. Loop type wooden armrest with paddle ensuring arm support comfort.
  2. Polyurethane injected moulded form brings better tensile strength and high tear resistance.
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Description: conference visitor chair with wooden trimming line
Dimension: 950mm(h) x 510mm(w) x 490mm(d)
Cantilever: chrome cantilever base
Arm rest: rubber-wood wooden armrest with upholstery arm pad
Seat: high density moulded injected foam


Elite Office Chair – Conference / Visitor Chair

Elite office chair collection ensures individual relaxation, support and personal expression. Elite office seating includes Presidential Chair, Executive Chair and Conference / Visitor Chair; you can choose between high back, medium back and low back support.

We wanted to find one word to describe Elite Office Chair, but couldn’t choose between fantastic, beautiful, elegant, reliable, comfortable, ergonomic, desirable, sophisticated, etc. So we settled for all of the above. Having just one of these chairs in the office space will develop endless of satisfaction and pleasure.