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Privacy Work Pod

Soft pods workstations are the next revolutionary modern offices as we are recovering from the pandemic. It provides office staff with a stress-free and private environment away from their working desks and the busy life of an open-plan office workstation.

New design of soft pod workstation strikes a balance between creative functionality and productivity.

1. Flexibility to work privately in a standalone workstation

A standalone soft pod workstation provides an excellent option for office workers to remove themselves from lively working space, away from distractions, discussions, and probably phone calls. Invest in the flexibility to work in privacy pods to meet important deadlines or stay focused on problem-solving.

2)  Great idea for open plan offices

Open plan offices promote communication among colleagues, however, there is no privacy for each other. SIF introduces the newly designed office pod workstation helps to transform the office environment to become more vivacious, creative, and organized. The lack of physical walls or barriers in an office can be replaced with the office pod workstation to create a sense of privacy and confidentiality.

3) Every office staff can work in privacy without interruption

Research shows that once staff has been interrupted in the office, it can take up to 25 minutes for them to refocus and get back on track. As you can imagine, it’s important to reduce or eliminate this time with designated private areas where you can offer employees a space where they can concentrate.

4) Variety of privacy pod sizes

There is insufficient space in the office for everyone to use the privacy pods at the same time, but due to the variety of pod sizes, more people will be encouraged to move discussions to a group pod, reducing noise levels in the main office.

With individual pods, stand-up pods, and executive group pods, both individual and collaborative work can be done in these pods, resulting in fewer interruptions and greater productivity. Privacy is very important – if employees need to talk about health, vacations, or other personal matters – there must be an element of confidentiality. The ability to go to a quiet place instills confidence in your employees and helps everyone feel comfortable and able to talk about any issues they face.

5) The workpod can be designed to match your office interior

No matter what is your office interior style, pods can be customized to ensure they fit your environment. Work pods can come in all shapes and sizes, they can look modern and bright, or they can look professional and sophisticated.

6) Suitable for low-budget projects

The workpods were designed with functionality in mind, everything is fine and looks beautiful, but it needs flexibility and advantages, otherwise, wouldn’t we turn to building walls?

Providing a privacy pod is much cheaper than calling a builder to build a new wall. Privacy pods are flexible, inexpensive, and can be moved around the office to ensure you find the best spot for them. Versatile in size and portability, privacy pods can suppress ambient sound, and at an affordable price, they are an attractive solution for any office.

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Base Color

White, Dark Grey


Beech, Borash Ash, Cherry, Comina Pine, Dark Grey, Dark Walnut, Elmer White, Light Grey, Maple, Oregon Pine, Thuja Light, White, Zen